Research Paper Introduction Writing Guide

An introduction to a research paper is essential capture and attract the attention of the reader and highlight to them the details of a paper in brief. Introductory Paragraph of a Research Paper is written using formal language. Many individuals face challenges when trying to come up with a write up of their research and build a summary paragraph conveying the relevant information. In many cases, writers hover in their thoughts making the intro to be longer than anticipated. Highlight main points and structure an overview of your whole paper. The steps are tedious and slow. Prepare yourself to ensure you come up with a wonderful intro. In this section, we show you how to begin and end your introduction paragraph.

Paragraph sections

Many tutors go through many research papers, and most times, they do not have adequate time of reading the whole research paper. That way, they can assess or evaluate the article based on the introductory part, the methodology segment, and the results and conclusions. Since the introduction section proves the first part, it needs to become perfect. For your paper to stand out from others, a concrete introduction becomes a necessity. Also, many students doing their research for their papers usually go through the introduction section to see if the information proves credible for them to use.

One technique to use in creating a perfect introduction entails using your paper outline. It helps you in identifying the essential points of the research write-up and then coming up with a paragraph that includes all the major points together. The introduction paragraph has three main groups of sentences. The Beginning sentences, middle sentences, and the end sentences.

  • Beginning Sentences 

The opening sentences entails what grab the reader’s attention. Avoid phrases like “in the paper, I am going to” or “The paper is all around” and such statements. Use credible information that you might come across while doing your research. Make sure your start is powerful. You can even start with a quote that relates to the main paper. It does not have to become too serious. Start with some humor or some unscientific story.

  • Middle Sentences

The section carries different elements of your paper. With a ready outline plan on how things will follow each other in your essay, it becomes easier to have the outline stated in the middle section of the introductory sentences. It should not have to comprise of every detail. However, ensure the essential ones become present.

  • Ending Sentences

The beginning and middle sentences build-up to the end sentences. The end sentences give an overall knowledge of what the paper entails. Also, what the writer thinks about the topic. The end section will also offer the reader a sense of what to feel. It gives them an opinion on the theme.


The introduction proves the first thing an individual will happen to read from the paper. It would become best to ensure that it counts. Many people analyze the worth of a research paper based on the introduction. The introduction paragraph should have general information about what the article entails. The three parts of the intro should flow into each other. The beginning must be captivating, while the middle sentences must capture the flow of the paper. Finally, the closing sentences must show the main idea of the write-up.

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